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Practitioner pieces are listed below my peer-reviewed research. 


Thibeault, M. D. (2022). Aebersold’s Mediated Play-A-Long Pedagogy and the Invention of the Beginning Jazz Improvisation Student. Journal of Research in Music Education, 70(1), 66–91.

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Thibeault, M. D. (2014). Algorithms and the future of music education: A response to Shuler. Arts Education Policy Review, 115(1), 19–25. doi:10.1080/10632913.2014.847355 [Open access through UF repository or through  the paywall final version at AEPR.]

Thibeault, M. D. (2013). The shifting locus of musical experience from performance to recording to data: Some implications for music education. Music Education Research International, 6, 38–55. This article is also available from the UF Repository here:

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Thibeault, M. D. (2012). From compliance to creative rights in music education: Rethinking intellectual property in the age of new media. Music Education Research, 14(1), 103–117. doi:10.1080/14613808.2012.657165 [Free open access post-print version available, or view on the MER site behind a paywall.]

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Thibeault, M. D. Music making lives: Score and setting in the musical experiences of high school students. Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University, United States, CA. Dissertations & Theses: Full Text. (Publication No. AAT 3282032). [ProQuest link.]

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Publications in service to the profession and oriented toward pracitioners

Thibeault, M. D. (in press). Low-Floor, High-Ceiling Activities in Music Learning [Idea Bank], Music Educators Journal.
Thibeault, M. D. (2020). Sights and Sounds of Japanese Participatory Music. Multimedia Journal of Music Education, 1.
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