The Pleasure of Working Alongside Prolific Students

Working at a school where research is prized, it’s still always refreshing to have students who think deeply, work hard, and take the time to share the fruits of their efforts. Here’s three recent efforts I’m happy to promote:

Terry Solomonson successfully defended his dissertation, which looks at retirement through case study, “Segue: Circular Rites of Passage”. His committee consisted of Liora Bresler, myself, and the research was directed by Bob Stake. Coming soon to ProQuest!

Nick Jaworski has helped to steward the second issue of the phenomenally-successful Leading Notes into the world, this one focused on Connections:

Congratulations to Chris Cayari, whose MA project at Illinois was just published in the International Journal of Education and the Arts! I was happy to supervise Chris, whose project was derived from a case study he did while working with Bob Stake. “The YouTube Effect: How YouTube Has Provided New Ways to Consume, Create, and Share Music” is waiting for you right here, but you can get a sense of the content through the article’s tag cloud:

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