Three pieces on the Homebrew Ukulele Union

Update on 10/31: Another short piece about the class ran in the campus newspaper, the Daily Illini, “Ukulele gives music education class a new dimension.”

Update on 10/30: The local paper, the News Gazette, ran a nice piece in the Sunday paper (page G-4). They didn’t put that article online, and it is a rewrite of the New Bureau press release.

A nice item just went up on the University of Illinois News Bureau site. It details the HUU/Designing Musical Experiences class, and also helps to promote a singalong we’ll lead at the Blind Pig on Wednesday, November 3. As always, singers, pickers, and dancers are welcome! There’s also a video interview with class footage, which can be viewed here.

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Music education: media, technology, and participatory music.
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