Strumming and hacking music education

A moment of gratitude to celebrate the recent accomplishments of two wonderful former students:
FourStrings1. Polly Yukevich (MME 2012) has been named Director of the Four Strings Foundation, Jake Shimabukuro’s educational outreach program (there’s a nice short piece at Guitar Player Magazine). Polly originally connected with Jake through an amazing project she undertook with her middle school students, and I expect great things to come from the foundation’s efforts. Catch Polly’s blog or Twitter (@PollyYuke).

2. SpotifyNick Jaworski (MME 2012, BME 2010) was awarded first place at the Spotify Music Education Hackathon, held this summer in New York. There were over 200 attendees, and Nick’s innovative approaches to technology and music education are a continued inspiration to me. Nick has many great posts for teachers on his blog, and, yes, he tweets (@JaworskiMusic).

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Music education: media, technology, and participatory music.
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