Algorithms and Music Education [CMS/ATMI talk]


[Edit: Here’s the AEPR paper on algorithms and here’s a free post-print version of the paper]
I presented at the 2013 College Music Society/Association for Technology in Music Instruction National Conference in Cambridge, MA. My talk was “Algorithms as Arbiters of Musical Culture: Exploring Implications for All Music Educators.”

I am not posting the paper I  presented, but an article on algorithms in music education I have written will appear in Arts Education Policy Review (out early next year, and which I will link to once it is out).

Recommended Reading:
I first got interested in algorithms through Ted Striphas’ posts on algorithmic culture, like this one:

Tarleton Gillespie’s “The Relevance of Algorithms” connects far-reaching ideas with detailed descriptions of algorithms in use:

A comprehensive reading list was prepared for the Governing Algorithms conference:

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