Would you buy a copy of a free article? A word on reprints

etunesOver the past year I received two requests to reprint my writing. Who could say no? My column on hip-hop was requested for the book Etunes, a music-centric reader for English rhetoric classes edited by Rod Taylor. My article on the shifting locus of music from performance to recording to data was included in Clint Randles’ Music Education: Navigating the Future. Clint’s book includes the papers from the 2013 SMERS conference, and my paper was selected to receive the OMER award and appeared in MERI.

While one would buy the above books for the overall collection, it is odd to have two books reprint articles that are freely available: MERI is open-access, and the hip-hop piece is one that I posted after the publisher’s embargo expired, something I encourage all scholars to do.Randles

Here’s one reason why you might still buy the book for a version of my articles: In both of the above cases, the editors enhanced the versions. Rod’s book includes introductory essays as well as discussion and reflection questions for each piece. Clint’s book includes thoughtful reflections by David Williams and also Frank Heuser that tangle with the authors in that section.

Click the image to visit the Amazon listing for each book.

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