Participatory music in Japan: Homebrew ukulele edition

There is a depth of community and participatory events in Japanese schooling and society, the origins of which are hinted at in T. M. Luhrmann’s Op-Ed in the Times, “Why are Some Cultures More Individualistic Than Others?”

My adventures in Japan have included many deeply fulfilling events, and those interested in participatory music might enjoy my article in the upcoming December issue of Music Educators Journal (or read this talk now). Here’s a recent sing-along at the Uku-Par welcome party in Toyama, Japan. I displayed chord forms and invited everyone to sing and strum along. My approach is uncommon in Japan, but the abilities of the players and willingness of singers connected everyone together for a delightful set. Of course, it never hurts to have a pint-sized translator/backup dancer in the mix.

Photos by  Takumi Sugaki.

IMG_0139 IMG_0141 IMG_0150 IMG_0157 IMG_0163

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