Participatory Music in Music Educators Journal


American old-time jam in Kyoto, Japan

“Music Education for All through Participatory Ensembles,” appears in the December 2015 issue of Music Educators Journal. The article presents ideas from my immersion in participatory music—in particular from a chance to learn alongside Tom Turino as I helped him teach a class for music education graduate students for two summers (he was also my clawhammer banjo teacher). The article helps to pass on some of what I learned through reading, teaching, and doing participatory music out in the world.

Making participatory music, adopting participatory values, and bonding with others through music changes one, and I hope that many educators find time to explore the values, pedagogy, and repertoire of participatory music with their students.

Here are some resources to explore:

Dana Montiero’s Harlem Samba:

Turino’s book Music as Social Life: The Politics of Participation.

The Homebrew Ukulele Union:

Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music:
Tanya Lee’s dissertation on the Old Town School is also a great resource (and free, too):

An endless river of music, much of it participatory, is available on Alan Lomax’s YouTube channel:

Polly Yukevich’s Uke Project:

For those without access to MEJ, a previous talk I gave that was an early inspiration for the paper can be found here:

Here’s a special issue of the Journal of Community Music devoted to participatory music (behind a paywall):;jsessionid=3an8427esk18k.alice



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