Media and Music Education (NAfME Philosophy SRIG)

I will present this week at the National Association for Music Education conference, part of the Philosophy Special Research Interest Group. As the theme is media, my initial five-minute allotment will be filled by playing the following video, which will help to set up the live discussion.

Download the paper that accompanies my video and talk. This has references, some additional notes, and the second section (which I’m choosing to deliver live).

As I talk about the musical recordings I made, it is only fair that I share one, in this case the multi-track version of Woody Guthrie’s “Car Song” (which despite it’s acoustic patina includes 5 audio tracks, multiple edits, a baby sample from another recording, reverb, EQ, compression, and tons of automation as well as a bit of pitch-correction in the upright bass):

About Matthew

Music education: media, technology, and participatory music.
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